Recover corrupt Access database if CompactDatabase method has corrupted it

Compact Database method is used to compact and encrypt the database of MS-Access. It also converts Access database. But at times, this method does not convert the database of MS-Access fully. It happens because of corruption. Corruption does not allow you to access data and thus gets you into a grave data loss situation. To avoid such a situation, it is recommended to use a backup. Anyhow, if backup is not available, use a third party Access database repair tool. These tools recover access file in an effective manner.

The below mentioned error message appears on the screen when you try to open a Microsoft Access 2000 database. The database remains unopened and instead gives you an error message:

“This database is in an unexpected state. Microsoft Access can’t open it”

You have converted the database from a prior version and used DAO CompactDatabase instead of Convert Database command on the Tools menu. It also gives you a right to convert database command to the original database or to import your tables and queries to protect your data.

The Reason for the occurrence of the above error message is that you have used DAO (Data Access Object) library to access CompactDatabase method for converting the database of Microsoft access 97 or its earlier version. By doing this, database becomes corrupt or damaged. In other words, database cannot be fully converted and becomes unreadable.

Following are the solutions that can be used to solve the problem:

* If you have an original copy of the database along with you, try to convert it by Convert Database command.
* If the original format of database is unavailable, make use of a ‘Compact and Repair’ tool to repair the database.
* Recover the database data and the database queries when you do not have the original non-secured database, and recover the database data when you do not have the original secured database.
* If the above steps do not help to recover database, use third-party Access database repair tools to recover access file. These tools are read-only and non-destructive in nature. For using these software, you do not need a technical background. These are simple to use.

Access Database Repair Software is the finest tool used to recover access file. It recovers data of the database objects, such as forms, tables, macro’s, modules, and reports. In addition to this, it recovers password-protected VBA code for MS Access Forms and Modules. Download a demo version of the software to understand its functionality.


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