Are You Afraid of MS Access Database Corruption and Data Loss? Here is the Solution!

Most of the users use MS-Access database application for project development as it is simple and easy to use. But a problem comes when database gets corrupt. In corruption, all the data contained in the database becomes unapproachable. In such situations, it becomes necessary to take preventive measures to solve out the issue. Sometimes, a need appears to repair access file and this can be best done by a third party Access database repair tools.

To further clarify above issue, suppose you use MS-Access database application and in it you have concatenated number of text fields in the records. When you open a record set, you may come across that the characters after the first 255 characters are garbled and you cannot read them.

Such awkward behaviour of MS-Access database is seen due to wrong memory assignment. As, discussed earlier in the article that any character after first 255 characters get distorted. Characters get distorted because in MS-Access limit is set only for 255 characters for Text field. And, at once the set limit exceeds, then MS-Access database application shows you any character that is fetched by it from the memory. Other reason might be the corruption of Access database. Yes, corruption can be the reason for making the database to behave improperly.

For tackling such behaviour, you can make use of a UNION query with a MEMO field. It will make MS-Access to refer the concatenated field as a Memo only. A table is created with a same structure containing a memo field. As, the new table does not has any records, it makes Access to treat the field as Memo. Because of this, sufficient memory is available to handle the characters that are extra. But this method produces only read-only results. Moreover, if the issue still persists, then the reason behind such type of behaviour is the corruption of database.

However, in order to solve issue related to corruption, it is better to go for third party utility. Such tools perform Access file repair quite effectively.

Access Repair Software is a sophisticated tool used to repair Access file in a quite good manner. All the database objects, such as tables, forms, reports, modules, and macros get repaired by this software. The tool has a rich graphical user interface, and is easy to understand. It supports MS Access 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, and 2010. To know more about the software, you can download a demo version.


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