Resolved “0x0000C1F5” Error of Windows Vista and Recovered My Lost Data

Have you ever been to a situation in which you start your Windows Vista based computer and receive the following error message on blue screen?


Well, I have encountered this error and thus lost the accessibility to my valuable data which was saved on the hard drive partition of my Windows Vista based computer. The situation was jittery as the error message flashed every time when I tried to boot my computer. Though I was very much worried about my precious data but I had zeal to know the cause before finding out any solution as understanding the cause would protect me to prevent the occurrence of this error in future. So, I started searching about this error on the Internet and not only found causes but resolution to solve this unexpected error message:



The reason of the occurrence of this error message is corruption or damage of system file i.e. $TxfLog of Windows Vista based computer. This is one of the critical components of Windows kernel and the Common Log File System (Clfs.sys) could not fix the $TxfLog file when it gets damaged. In addition the Windows Vista based computer fails to start until the offending disk is repaired or removed completely from the computer system.



To workaround this issue I restarted my computer through Windows XP installation media, formatted the offending disk and then reinstalled Windows Vista as suggested by Microsoft. Though the problem was solved successfully but the issue became bigger as reinstallation of Vista formatted all my data that was saved on the hard disk partition. However, then too I did not lose hope as I was aware of third-party partition recovery software and restarted my search for efficient one.

After a thorough search I found that there is large number of partition recovery software available online. One such software is Partition Recovery software. This was one of the highly recommended software under Windows partition recovery category. This proficient software can recover your lost, deleted, or formatted partitions and gets your valuable data back. In addition the software supports recovery from both NTFS and FAT file system. Thus, by using this ‘Complete Do-It Yourself (DIY)’ software I recovered all my data that was lost due to re installation (formatting) of my Windows Vista based computer.


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