Windows users have an option to tackle the issue of data loss

Is your Windows based computer system unbootable? Are different error messages disturbing you while trying to boot the system in normal manner?

Most of the times Windows users face such issues. Such kind of behavior occurs due to corruption of operating system or boot files of your MS-Windows based computer system. The most critical issue with such a problem is that the data stored in your computer becomes inaccessible. In such situations, a recovery disk can be used to solve all the boot problems related to unbootability and to make your system working again. However, if this measure fails to reboot your system properly you have to reinstall Windows and that causes you to lose all your data. If there is a valid backup in place, you can restore it; else you have to go for Windows data recovery.

This is one of the measures that over comes the situation and moreover, you do not have to search and to invest for an effective third party Windows Data Recovery

Let us study, some general facts about Recovery Disk. Recovery disk is used for the media that includes backup of favored condition or original factory settings of system as configured by the OEM. The OEM supplied recovery disk is generally shipped with most of the computer systems that permits you to work around the issues related to computer system. One important thing about recovery disk is that it does not always show successful results.

Discussed below are the behaviors that is encountered while trying to solve the issues related to computer system through Recovery Disk:

  • System stops working at the time you do formatting of Windows hard drive with the help of “Format and Recover” option.
  • After format of the hard drive, at the time you boot your computer system, two error messages come up on the screen that says:

◦   Unable to initialize the hard disk

◦   Boot disk failure.

  • Through Windows startup disk, you have boot your computer system. But, now you are unable to format the boot volume or system partition.
  • You make an attempt to do creation of partitions on the drive and receive the below error message on your computer screen:

“No fixed disk present.”

  • Make an attempt to rewrite MBR through Fdisk/mbr but received an error message “The master boot record has not been updated yet”.

All such kind of situations may occur due to corruption of Windows hard drive. Corruption in Windows hard drive may occur due to malicious virus, user errors, unexpected system shutdown, power loss, etc. Once the Windows hard drive gets corrupt or damaged, it creates a huge data loss situation in front of you. In other words, Windows data recovery becomes a major need.

A lot of third party tools are available that can recover Windows data easily and instantly. These Windows Recovery applications are the best source to handle situation of data loss. These tools employ highly effective scanning algorithms to perform absolute recovery. Windows data recovery is one such tool that comes under the category of data recovery products. A facility of free demo version has been provided along with the tool.


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